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My Guarantee ✅

My Guarantee ✅

Your dog will be more obedient, better behaved and loving after

this one session, or I 'll refund you every single dollar.

Your dog will be more obedient, better behaved and loving after

this one session, or I 'll refund you every single dollar.

Be Honest With Me...

  • Do you feel like your dog doesn't listen to you?

  • Are you finding simple dog walks stressful and frustrating?

  • Is having guests at your home a constant struggle and embarrassment?

  • Does it feel like your dog is at the center of all the arguments in your household?

If the answer is "Yes" to ANY of the above, then...

Join My Dog School Program & You will:

  • Create an unbreakable bond with your dog

  • Develop a happy, social dog no matter what the environment or distraction

  • Have an obedient dog that loves to please you

  • Enjoy every minute together with zero fighting or drama

  • Be a proud member of your community and finally have peace in the family home

Within just 4 Weeks!

St. Louis Dog School is PROVEN & TRUSTED!

We help train your dog when you're gone at work! Why let your pup sit in a crate all day when they can be learning? We understand that it can be hard to find the time to train your dog. We all have busy lives. Dogs need consistency. This is why Dog School has become our go to package. This package is somewhere between your typical Board and Train, and Private one on one training. We base our balanced training off of positive reinforcement and classical conditioning. We teach through positive reinforcement, then hold the dogs accountable to a standard they know and understand. We reward the good behaviors we want, and correct bad behaviors. This will be one of the most positive environments and they will love coming to see us!

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Here's What's Included:

Led by our team of certified canine behavior specialists..

Personalized Online Behavior Assessment

[Value: $147]

One of our certified team members will perform an assessment on your dogs behavior. This is essential for all dogs before they join our Dog School Program!

Behavior Correction Support [Value $97]

Following your dogs behavioral assessment we will also provide the key strategies on how to overcome the challenges you're currently experiencing

Instant Access To Our Flagship Ebook: 3 Steps to a Less Stressed Dog [Value: $19]

You will receive instant access to our flagship eBook: 3 Steps to a Less Stressed Dog

Instant Access To Our Online Canine Anxiety Masterclass

[Value: $57]

Plus You will receive instant access to our Exclusive Online Canine Anxiety Masterclass


You Pay: $24

[Available Until July 31th 2023]

My Promise To You:

Money Back Guarantee

My promise: If you book and attend your Strategy call and you don't feel like you got value, then I'll refund you 100%. To claim this you must request a refund within 72 hours of attending.

You Got Questions?

I Got Answers!

What is the Strategy Call?

The Strategy Call is the first step in your dog's transformation. One of our expert team members will call you to assess your dog and find out exactly what level of support they need while at Dog School. During this session, you’ll receive our expert feedback and personalized advice on your current habits and routines, so you start seeing an improvement in your dog immediately. Not only that, you will also get instant access to our Canine Anxiety Masterclass and our flagship E-book; Canine Behavior: Three Steps to a Less Stressed Dog.

Are you a kennel?

No; we are not a kennel. St. Louis Dog School is a full service training facility in a home environment. You're dog will be in a friendly home environment, where they get to socialize and play with both people and other doggies with constant supervision by professional trainers. All of the doggies who come to St. Louis Dog School  have the same day in that they all get to go out and play. Here at St. Louis Dog School, your dog will never sit in a kennel all day!

My dog is stubborn and impossible to train, do you really think you can help?

No dog is really impossible to train. We have had many dog owners bring us their dog saying the same thing, only to be surprised by how well behaved their dog is by the end of the program. Keep in mind that we usually get the toughest of the tough dogs to train so we have lots of experience and success with the “impossible to train” dog. We love the challenge and we have yet to find the dog we could not train. While we can never promise absolute perfection from your dog (they are animals that are capable of thinking on their own and making their own decisions), we can promise that you will see improvements in your dog's behavior(s).

Am I allowed to go visit my dog while it is in The Dog School Program?

We bring your dog back to you every evening so you do not have to spend too long away from your pup. But, yes you can come see them, we would never stop you from seeing your pup.

Do I have to do all the 6 weeks of the Dog School Program?

While doing 6 weeks of our Dog School is recommended, it is not required. This is usually meant for dogs with extreme behaviors. Though most dogs are fine with the 4 week program, many owners elect to go with the 6 week program to get even more training for their dog because the more time that your dog spends at Dog School the more solidly the behaviors will become.

The $24 fee is too much..

Let me ask you this: How much does your dog’s behaviour currently cost you in stress? What about vet fees? The constant fighting, the daily battles…

The truth is this: a dog can take over your life in a BAD way. It can be embarrassing. Indoors and outdoors, your “best friend” quickly becomes your worst nightmare.

Through training you bring beauty into your life and relationship. Get to actually know your dog. With this outcome, the dollar amount becomes insignificant. The benefits are priceless. (Plus my standard fees are normally MUCH higher than that!)

About Us

Tyler Rollins

Tyler Rollins

St. Louis Dog School, Owner & CEO.

St. Louis Dog School, Owner & CEO.

Welcome to St. Louis Dog School, where we believe that every dog deserves a chance to be their best selves. We are a team of passionate and experienced dog trainers led by Tyler Rollins, a USMC Combat Veteran who has been working with dogs since 2011.

At St. Louis Dog School, we understand that every dog is unique and has its own set of challenges. Tyler personally specializes in working with dogs that are showing signs of aggression and/or are highly anxious. With his expertise and guidance, we will work together to bring out the best in your furry friend.

Our mission is to create a world where shelters and rescues are no longer necessary by providing our clients with the most comprehensive dog training program available. We believe that every dog has the potential to be a well-behaved, happy, and obedient companion. We strive to help dog owners and their furry friends live in harmony and peace together.

Our trusted dog training services are available to the St. Louis area, and we take pride in the success stories of our clients. We bring out the best in every dog we work with, and we are committed to ensuring that our clients achieve their dog training goals.

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